Founded in 1974 by our Managing Director, Mr. Ngo Kun Sang together with a few partners as Lian Huah Electrical Contractor. We started off as a small electrical contractor firm carrying out sub-contract electrical works for other main electrical contractors as well as term contract works for various government agencies.

Over the years, the company¡¯s business gradually expanded and developed the necessary skills, experiences and expertise in carrying out any size of electrical project works as well as sizable value of mechanical works. Hence, Lian Huah Electrical Engineering was formed in 1982 to capitalize our continual growth to participate in direct public tenders for major electrical installation works from the government.

In 1988, the management decided to consolidate and maximize the company¡¯s operation efficiency, a decision was made to merge the various companies to establish Lian Huah Engineering Pte Ltd as one solely company. This action enables us to capitalize in our strength for future expansion of our business internationally with support of our consolidated base in Singapore.

To date, we have established ourselves as one of the major players in Singapore with a company of good reputation for being reliable to deliver professional quality work and competitive pricing of mechanical and electrical engineering services for the building and construction industry.

We are registered with Singapore Building and Construction Authority (BCA) with the highest grading of ME05-L6 where we are able to tender for any projects of unlimited amount.

We are a registered ISO9001:2000 company under the BCA as well as Singapore Accreditation Council.

We are also proud to be member and certified by the following associations;

Singapore Business Federation (SBF)

Singapore Electrical Trade Association (SETA)

Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce & Industry (SCCI)
Singapore Accreditation Council (SCA)
Qualified Electrical Contractor
Singapore Building and Construction Authority (BCA) Registered Contractor